It is known from the archive database that the hospital was opened in October 26, 1924. From the beginning it was placed in wooden buildings but soon it became too narrow and the hospital was transferred to a three-story building in the main hospital. In the first year the hospital had only 54 patients, but in the 1934 was significantly enlarged. Daugavpils State Mental hospital was the biggest hospital in Latvia - with 658 patients. Treated in the hospital patients were mostly unable to pay and socially dangerous. In the hospital worked 7 doctors, 14 nurses, 64 orderlies and 56 carers. There were 13 departments, including the department for children. The hospital was closed in 1941 and 760 patients, including 60 children, were shot in Aglona.

The hospital was opened one more time in December 1946 as Republican psychiatric hospital on 300 beds and 190 working specialists, including 14 doctors, 33 nurses and 86 carers.

1941 – the hospital was placed in Aglona;

1953 – inner room planning were changed;

1955 – new eating-block was constructed;

1955 – library was opened;

1958 – washing-room was constructed; new park, garden, greenhouse was constructed; territory was asphalted;

1961 – Rehabilitation services were able for patients;

1962 – Workshops for patients were opened;

1963 – Specialized out-patients centre was established;

1972 – Day hospital was opened;

1978 – Rehabilitation centre was opened;

1986 – the hospital departments were reorganized and enlarged; the new departments were established;

1989 – Geriatrics centre and 10th department was opened (there were paid services);

1996 – Department for children and Day centre was opened;

2000 – Daugavpils Psycho-neurological Hospital Clinical laboratory was obtained with the first certificate from Latvian Republic Ministry of Health;

2005 – Specialized out-patients centre was certified and was obtained with the first certificate in Republics for such departments;

2006 – 3rd corpus was established;

2007 – 4th corpus was opened;

December 22, 2008 and December 10, 2009 – 1st and 2nd corpuses were fully renovated;

2008 – garages were renovated;

2010 – new Out-patient care department building was opened;

2011 – new eating-block was constructed;

2011 – accountancy, laundry and laboratory was renovated;

2011 – Daugavpils Psycho-neurological Hospital Clinical laboratory was awarded with “Quality Control Service” certificate;

2011 –Rehabilitation department building was renovated;

2012 – Workshops for patients with mental disorders were registered in the Ministry of Welfare

2012 – the hospital was awarded with the Quality Management Award;

2013 – the hospital was awarded with the award of the year in the medicine “the Hospital of the Year”;

2014 – the hospital was awarded with the award “Golden Lily” in the nomination “Healthcare and Social Help”.

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