To improve mental health of the state inhabitants, continuously develop, to ensure a high professional culture in compliance with the principles of equality, to provide treatment services for patients with mental disorders, satisfying their needs, enabling them to receive state-guaranteed good health care services, the quality of which corresponds to the level of socio-economic development of the country, to provide patients with adequate conditions for functioning, stigmatization and integration into a society.

There are 430 in-patient and 50 out-patient hospital beds in the state Ltd "Daugavpils psychoneurological hospital". During the year, about 4 thousand patients are treated in the stationary, about 20 thousand outpatient consultations are provided. 10 in-patient departments, an out-patient mental health care department, emergency medical services and patient reception department, diagnostic department, pharmacy, day stationary, long-term social care and social rehabilitation institution, rehabilitation department, technical service are functioning in the hospital. 154 clients with mental disorders live in a social care institution.

In order to provide high-quality health care services for patients with mental disorders, improving the quality of provided health care services, cost-effectiveness and accessibility of services, the main objective of health policy is reached - mental healthcare that meets EU standards, ensuring qualitative survival.

It is known from the archive data that the hospital was opened on October 26, 1924. It was originally located in wooden buildings, but soon became narrow and the hospital was moved to a three-storey building built in 1870 based on the Swedish project, it was intended as a barracks for the Cavalry Regiment. 54 patients were in the hospital in the first year of its existence, but after 10 years, in 1934, the Daugavpils State Psychoneurological Hospital was recognized as the largest hospital in Latvia.

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