Patient payment is the payment that a patient pays for publicly funded healthcare. Most of the cost of service is covered by the state budget resources.

Patient payments for treatment at State Ltd "Daugavpils Psychoneurological Hospital" or visiting outpatient psychiatrists are covered from the state budget funds for psychiatric patients.

Name of service

Patient payment (euro)

Visit of a doctor


Visit of a doctor specialist

4,27 euro



Treatment in the Day stationary


Treatment in the Day stationary (for each day)

7,11 euro

Outpatient operations and operations in the Day stationary

4,27 euro



Outpatient diagnostic examinations and examinations in the Day stationary


Electrocardiographic (ECG) monitoring

1,42 euro

Heart noninvasive functional monitoring

4,27 euro

Neuroelectrophysiological monitoring

4,27 euro

X-ray inspection without contrast medium

2,85 euro

For treatment if the hospital (from the 2nd day)

10 euro

Medical rehabilitation in the stationary (from the 2nd day)

10 euro

Treatment of alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic and toxic substances

7,11 euro


Laboratory investigations

Patient contributions are not required to be paid for state-funded laboratory examinations. However, the National Health Service does not pay for blood sampling for outpatients except for children and pregnant women. Individual laboratory examinations are payable only in case if there is a specialist referral.

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