Information About Social Care and Social Rehabilitation Institution

     State Ltd. "Daugavpils Psychoneurological Hospital" Long-term social care and social rehabilitation institution (hereinafter – the institution) began work in the 2006th December.

The institution is registered in the register of providers of social services.

The institution is providing long-term social care and social rehabilitation services to adult individuals (I and II disability group) with severe mental disorders.

There are 139 customers living in the institution.

The institution is adopting:

  • adult persons (I and II disability group) with severe mental disorders;
  • persons established in the recipient line of state-funded social care and social rehabilitation services for, or for a fee.

The institution shall provide clients:

  • living area with high-quality equipment needed for daily life, each room has WC;
  • room equipment and facilities correspond to the client’s age and functional state that is suitable for client’s with mobility impairments;
  • linen, clothing and footwear;
  • psychological, psychiatric and medical assistance;
  • client’s day and night supervision;
  • a rational nutrition, taking into account client’s age and state of health;
  • technical aids (compensators)

    Highly skilled workers are providing services in the institution. 

Medical aid is provided by certified:

  • Doctors psychiatrists
  • Mental health nurses
  • The family doctor
  • Psychologist


 Social care and social rehabilitation services are provided by:

  • Social workers with a master's and bachelor's degree in social work, which are providing:
  • social and employment rehabilitation complex according to each resident's physical and mental state;
  • the client’s functional ability (self-care, social skills, intellectual, physical abilities, etc.) and draw up an assessment of individual social care and / or rehabilitation plans;
  • organizes different cultural, recreational and leisure activities;
  • organizes activities, according to the resident’s denomination;
  • help clients to resolve individual social problems. 
  • Social caregiver is planning social services for providing the basic needs of client, who can not act on his own according to his/her age or state of health. According to the client’s wishes and needs, determines the social care package or need of individual services, and then organizes these services, determines client’s self-care level. The social caregiver participates in individual social care plan planing.
  • Carers should take customer care under the supervision of social workers. The caregiver helps people who can not care for themselves, adhere to hygiene, to prepare food and to eat, clean rooms, equipped with basic necessities, as well as to maintain a link with the customer's environment.
  • Physical therapists deal with rehabilitation, prevention and education. The main methods of treatment are therapeutic exercises (both actively and passively), balance and coordination training, relaxation techniques, positioning, soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques, as well as a variety of special treatment.
  • Ergotherapist contributes to the development of small hand function and motility, improves attention, concentration and other cognitive abilities. The ergotherapist provides tips on proper sitting and sleeping postures building, body positioning, environmental adaptation of accessories that facilitate the housework at home, school or work, orthoses, orthopedic aids that help to prevent diseases caused by deformation (contracture) the formation or offset some of the the lost features.
  • Art Therapist offers the opportunity to engage in a specialized workshop and sewing workshop, to participate in handicraft, weaving, pottery, origami-making classes.

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