Day Stationary

Day stationary service is a therapeutic or diagnostic service, where treatment and health care for patient is provided not full day and night, but requires monitoring of patient after the manipulation (procedure) for at least three hours in a day. Day hospital provides medical services which, because of the complexity, risk or time-consuming procedure, is not possible to give outpatiently, but it does not require hospital admission.

Patients are being sent in the Day stationary in the following cases:

  • Psychotic deterioration
  • In the case of side effects of drug therapy
  • Initiated drug therapy correction
  • For getting multidisciplinary medical rehabilitation services

What specialists are available in the Day stationary

Multidisciplinary team method is used for successful treatment. Team consists of a doctor - a psychiatrist, mental health nurse, clinical psychologist, rehabilitation specialists and social workers.

Dispatch to the day hospital

In order to receive state-funded services, it is obligatory to have referral from the family doctor or specialist. It is possible to receive services without a referral, in this case patient must apply outpatient mental health care department in the hospital. In all cases the hospital doctor - psychiatrist will advise the patient and will determine suitable health service to the patient 's state of health.

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